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Arcan Septic Scrub

What Does Septic Scrub Do?

Environmentally safe, Septic-Scrub contains no organic chemicals and does not produce any
toxic materials. Septic-Scrub readily decomposes to natural products and oxygen.

Septic-Scrub naturally reacts with the buildup of sulfides in the drainfield. This chemical reaction
produces a nontoxic material which flows and allows the soil bacteria to work. Another product of
the reaction is oxygen. The oxygen does two things, 1) aids in the replenishment of the soil's
aerobic bacteria, and 2) reduces the soil compaction creating passages for water to flow.

The image above demonstrates the reaction of Septic-Scrub in the drainfield. Do not add
Septic-Scrub to the septic tank.  In order for Septic-Scrub to work it must be introduced into
the system after the septic tank. If it is introduced before the tank, it will react with the
waste in the tank and have no effect on the drainfield.

The best way to use Septic-Scrub is to pour it into the distribution box. From here the product
will be distributed into the drainfield as water flows.

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