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Federal Piping Co., Inc.   

David Boyd, President    
Martha Boyd, Treasurer  
PO Box 271, 211 Porter Rd., Rte. 25, Freedom, NH 03836    

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Industrial, Commercial and Residential Plumbing & Building Services in NH - Maine Area

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  Providing Reliable and
  Professional Services
  to ALL of New  Hampshire
  and Western Maine!


Federal Piping Co., Inc., Plumber, Freedom, NH

Drain Cleaning
Septic Pumping

Sanitary Services Division

(NH & Maine)

A Whole Lot More Than a Plumbing Service Company!

Combined with our Plumbing Division, FPI is able to perform all repairs from one end to
the other.  No other company comes close to providing service like Federal Piping Co., Inc.
"Call Us First!"

Homes, Medical Facilities, Schools, Food Stores, Motels, Hotels, Industrials, and Retail Stores.
We are no strangers to drain backups! Over 25 years of providing our customers with highly
trained quality Service.

Our licensed plumbers will repair any broken pipes.  Most drain cleaning companies don't
offer to repair pipes or don't have licensed plumbers on staff.  FPI is fully insured with 5
trucks dedicated to drain and septic service, there maybe one in your neighborhood now.

Here are some of our Drain Services that you may need someday or right now.

So Much More Than A Plumbing Company

~ Video Cameras ~
Inspect your drain lines, record findings of roots, pipe damage and integrity.  Our cameras
help locate septic tanks and sewer pipes.  100' - 450' capacity. 

~ Cable Snakes ~
We have a cable for all drain sizes and blockages except for ice blockages.  FPI cable
snakes are good for cleaning blockages, cutting out roots, and boring through sand
and debris.  Sinks, tubs, toilets, main lines, floor drains, roof drains, and perimeter
drains are all good candidates for our cable drain equipment.

~ Hi-Pressure Water Jetters ~
Our Hi-Pressure water jetters are perfect for clearing grease, slime and sand from your
lines.  Combined with our special in-line water heater, we can blast through ice quickly.  Our
jetters are used all the time for drain blockage preventative service for restaurants,
food stores, schools, kitchens, hospitals and bars.
Annual Sewer & Grease Maintenance Programs - Spring and Fall - Great for food establishments.
~  Annual Ejector Pump & Pit Maintenance, Inspections, Wash Downs (high pressure jetters)
Confined Space Trained
~  Color and Black and White Cameras: we offer to inspect underground or indoor piping. 
~  Septic and Grease Pumping - 3,600 gallon capacity.  Schedule a cleaning every 2
years, don't let "out of site, out of mind"... hold true.  A neglected septic system is big
money to repair when the system goes bad.  FPI offers tank inspections, individual
pumping or save on multiple tank accounts.
~  FPI offers Septic Scrub and Leach Field Rejuvenator - Call for details.
~  FPI services toilets, sinks, urinals, floor drains, roof drains, grease traps, ice
makers and perimeter drains.



If you are interested in joining our Company, we welcome you to check out
our Career Programs Page.

You Want Service?  We'll give you Service 24 hours a day!

For all Services, Please call for scheduling!
Do NOT submit Emergency Service calls via email or through our web site.
Our office is staffed from 8am - 4:30pm with an after hours answering service.

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