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History of Federal Piping Company, Inc.

1991 ~
It all started by David & Martha Boyd with David and his training from the UA and Martha handling all the administrative work.  David
had a 1/2 ton Dodge pickup and a few power tools.
He had a VISION!
After a few years of struggling with trying to break into a difficult area, Federal Piping landed its first meaningful job - a two week shut down
for Malden Mills for repairs and pipe renovations.  He kept on schedule.

1994 ~ Malden Mills liked FPI'S work for all its quality plumbing, piping and welding skills provided.  FPI was asked to stay on for 5
years to provide all forms of maintenance support for their busy business until the unfortunate fire that destroyed their business
 which changed everything.

1996 ~ Landed a major contract with Seimen's Co., providing labor and material to convert a 4 story medical building at the Elliot
Hospital in Manchester, NH, from electric heat to natural gas forced hot water with FPI completing work on schedule.

Broke ground on our first of many additions to our home office and pipe fabrication facility on the Maine and NH border.

1997 ~ Our first major job in the fabrication shop - a stainless steel fabrication job for North Conway Waste Treatment Facility.  Completed
a small and large bore pipe, fabbed up, delivered and installed by FPI.

Federal Piping completes a major plumbing renovation for the Mount Washington Hotel with a complete 3rd and 4th floor over
40 bath and kitchen renovation.  Working with hotel management and staff to complete on time.

Landed a 2 week shut down with one of NH's largest and finest hotels, the North Conway Grand Hotel.  Working nights
replacing all domestic hot water 4" down to 1/2" copper mains in the mechanical room and hallways.  This job started a good relationship
that has lasted even until today.

1998 ~ Won the contract at Pease National Guard Air Base to supply labor and material for a Super Fund cleanup project with
over 600 welds (1"-6") and over a mile of pipe.  Pre-fabbed at our shop and installed on site.

2000 ~ Started a lasting relationship with a major food chain - Hannaford Bros. supplying plumbing, drain and hot water service
throughout NH.

2001 ~ FPI's reputation for quality service helped land contracts and jobs for TJ Maxx/Marshalls, Rite Aids, Freindly's Restaurant,
Ninety-Nine Restaurant, Applebee's, KFC, and Circle K-Irving throughout NH and ME.

2004 ~ Purchased a first for our area - Roto Brush HVAC Duct Cleaning equipment, to help supplement the HVAC Dept. is
another first for FPI.

2005 ~ Created another lasting relationship with Memorial Hospital in N. Conway, NH providing plumbing, heating and drain
cleaning support.

2007 ~ Landed a 2 year heat conversion job working under Seimen's Co., converting many Concord, NH city buildings to an efficient
heating system.  FPI provided plumbers, pipe fitters, welders and fire sprinkler fitters.

2008 ~ Purchased our first septic pumping truck to help expedite our drain cleaning service business.  No more waiting days for
a competitor to come and pump out customers backed up tank.  Shortly after purchasing the septic pumping truck, FPI invested heavily
into drain cleaning and being the first in Northern NH with color video, multiple jetter and steam blasting equiment.

2009 ~ Picked up our first school job.  Today FPI provides services for over 13 local schools in NH and ME.

2011 ~ Over the years we've used subcontractors to dig our trenches and holes for all our underground piping jobs.  We have now
purchased our own excavator, skidsteer, 6 wheel dump truck and trailer to handle all our own trenching and dirt work to help
expedite our customer's sewer and water repairs

2012 ~ Building Services starts a whole new division for Federal Piping Co., Inc.  We can now provide carpentry services for
any bathroom and/or kitchen remodels or repairs due to water damage due to freeze-ups or pipe leaks.  FPI now offers our customers
carpentry services along with our quality plumbing services.

2013 ~  Building Services division is doing so well, we located pour carpentry services at our Stark Road annex in Conway, NH. 
Our pump repair business is also located at Stark Road, specializing in Goulds, but testing and repairing most brand names.

2014 ~ FPI is chosen to renovate the boiler room for the Sherman Adams Building (Observatory) on the summit of Mount Washington,
bringing the existing system up to date and running much more efficient.  What a View!!!

2015 ~ Hannaford Ossipee renovation
Conway Wastewater Treatment Plant piping additions
Berlin School conversion to low income housing

2016 ~ Reached a mile stone of our first $2 Million for the year.

2017 ~ FPI handled over 2,400 service calls for residential and commercial customers with a 95% success rate and an 85% retention
rate.  It is projected that in 2018, FP will handle over 2,700 service calls with our new employees and reputation for good plumbing
and heating service.

For 2017, FPI had a 3 - 4 week wait during peak times.  We hope to bring that down to half.  2017-2018 was a very cold winter
season.  We had to turn away over 100 new customer service calls because we made a promise to always service our loyal customers
first.  Loyalty goes both ways.  With the building trades population aging and retiring, the demand for plumbers and pipefitters is
great.  For every 3 plumbers who retire, only 1 is filling the spot.  I've invested in hiring and training 3 new employees so we can help more
new customers who want our services in the future.  It's a win-win for everyone.

FPI now has 7 service trucks covering New Hampshire and Maine.  We have the manpower and knowledge for most commercial,
industrial and residential jobs.  We listen to our customers and their requests.  We now install and service Water Right water treatment products
 to go with our water pump division.

2018 ~ We have over 15 service and specialty service trucks at your service. Now performing over 2500 service calls a year and close
to 2 million in service.

2019 ~ Fall just finished the newest tourist attraction in the North Country, Story Lands new aquarium life.  Our plumbers successfully
provided all the domestic plumbing for this new attraction. A 1 1/2 year project with over a mile of piping of all sizes used.

Our new 5000 sq. ft. Fabrication facility is now in operation.  Designed to be a state of the art fabricating facility for commercial and
industrial plumbing, pipefitting, welding and pump repairs.  We now can be more efficient and provide better quality in a safe work
environment.  Prefabbing can help speed up down time to your operations.  We are currently adding a second floor training room for our
employees to help stay up to date in new procedures.

Federal Piping is now handling over 3000 service calls a year.  We are looking to talk to and hire new recruits to help us grow and
meet the demand for
all the no heat, no water, leaks and drain cleaning service calls we take.

November 2019, Phase 2 of Hobbs Brewery begins. We are awarded the domestic plumbing and heating job.

2020 ~ Due to COVID-19, our commercial work is way off the projected mark. Residential is strong as of May/June for service and small
renovations.  Drain cleaning is busy, probably due to the virus.  We have maintained our workforce.
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