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If you’re ever faced with a disaster and in need of Emergency Support Service, you can always rely on Federal Piping Company, Inc. to be there. Flood, fire or freeze ups can be disastrous and we hope no one experiences this, but please know Federal Piping is here for you if it does happen. We are called upon often to help our customers who are in need of Emergency Services that only Federal Piping can provide in the North Country any time – any where in New Hampshire or Maine, we will work with you to help secure or repair your plumbing, heating, well pump, pipes and equipment.

Freeze Ups - this can be a small pipe break or a whole building plumbing and heating repair job. Federal Piping can get your heat back up and operating or supply temporary heat to help thawing out all
types of piping, any plumbing fixtures, faucets , heating equipment, clean and dry out your HVAC duct work and replace heating equipment. Freeze ups are very common in the North Country and we are prepared to repair any and all freeze up issues related to plumbing and heating.

Flood Damage - too much water can be devastating and costly, Federal Piping has all types of portable pumps to extract water, inspect, test flood damaged gas, oil or electric controls, clean and dry out your
HVAC duct work. Repair or replace controls to your well pump and heating system that are damaged from water.

Fire Damage - if you ever have a fire, Federal Piping will come in and secure your plumbing, heating, well pumps and piping, winterize the plumbing and heating systems and clean your soot damaged HVAC duct work. If the fire is not too devastating and you need to protect what’s
still functional from the elements or terminate sections of a plumbing or heating system so the rest is function able until further repairs can be done, we can help.

Federal Piping Company, Inc. has the highly trained manpower and all the equipment to help you in your time of need. We’ve built our business on helping our customers 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. All service calls must be made by owner or landlord and be of 18 years or older and who have
the responsibility of providing the final payment for services rendered. And remember it doesn’t stop there, our Plumbers & Heat Techs can provide all repairs and replacements, Fast and Professionally.

For all Service please call for scheduling!
Do not submit Emergency Service calls via email or through our web site.
Our office is staffed from 8am - 4.30 pm with an after-hours answering service.
  You Want Service? We'll give you Service 24 hours a day !